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Hank Chang, DDS

Dentist located in Richardson, TX

Bridges can be an ideal alternative to dentures and a less costly alternative to implants when patients need to replace a missing tooth. As a top-ranked dentist in Richardson, Texas, Dr. Chang has extensive experience in helping patients replace missing teeth with natural-looking, comfortable bridges.

Bridges Q & A

What is a dental bridge?

Dental bridges are devices that replace one or more missing teeth. Made of a strong metal framework designed to support artificial teeth or crowns, bridges are supported by the neighboring teeth using clips (removable bridges) or strong dental adhesives (fixed bridges). Crowns are tinted to match the neighboring teeth so they look and feel completely natural.

How is a bridge created?

Bridges usually require two to three visits for fitting and placement. At the first visit, the teeth that will be used to support the bridge will be prepared for crowns, which will provide added strength and protect these teeth from damage. An impression or mold of patients’ teeth will be made and sent to the lab where their bridge and crowns will be made. Temporary crowns will be applied to protect their teeth while the permanent crowns are being made. During the second visit, the crowns will be applied using a strong dental adhesive and shaped for a natural, comfortable fit. The bridge will also be fitted and put in place using either clips or the same dental adhesive.

Is a bridge hard to care for?

Removable bridges are easy to care for with regular brushing, and it’s also easy to care for the gums around and under the bridge. Fixed bridges require a little more practice to ensure the gums under the bridge and around the supporting teeth remain clean and free of plaque and debris.

Are bridges better than dentures?

Whether patients opt for a bridge or a denture is a matter of personal choice, but most patients find bridges to be more comfortable and more natural-feeling as compared to dentures. Because they’re attached to neighboring teeth, bridges can also be more secure compared to dentures. Removable bridges require the same type of cleaning routines as dentures, while fixed bridges require a little more practice to ensure the gums stay clean. Depending on where the missing tooth is located, a bridge may not be an option. The best way to decide which is better for the patients’ needs is to discuss both options during an office visit.

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